Alison and Jackson: Wedding at the Colony Hotel, Kennebunkport Maine

 Alison and Jackson married at the Colony Hotel

Kennebunkport Maine

 From the minute Alison’s Mom Judi called many months ago I knew it was going to be a fabulous day. I’d met the family when I covered her nieces wedding a few years ago and always felt very comfortable with the whole family. They are so welcoming, so accommodating.  I just didn’t know how much. And Maine in the fall. Thank you very much.

 First, the fabulous Colony Hotel at the mouth of the Kennebunk River. The day before the wedding glorious with blue skies but it looked a bit foreboding as the night turned to day.

 wedding at colony hotel kennebunkport

And then the wedding day.

Started the day with the girls getting dressed. One of my favorite parts of the day. Everyone is different. Alison didn’t seem to mind the indecision about where the ceremony was to be held, and concentrated on fine tuning her vows. It seemed like every 5 minutes she’d edit and revise. I was SO curious about her words.

As she kept writing her girls relaxed on the beds, or playing on the floor. Alison and Jackson’s daughter was just the cutest child ever. Itsy Bitsey Spider would set her off into fits of giggles and smiles. She smiled all day long.

This sequence kind of choked me up: Rachel playing the princess bride while Alison got made up and into her gown. So beautiful. So stylish with her hair waved and sophisticated with her perfect choice of red lipstick.

I’m sure Judi was reminded of Alison at Rachel’s age. I can only hope to keep my composure as well when my turn comes.

false eyelashes wedding

Alison and Jackson decided to have a ‘first look’ before the wedding. Jackson warned me ahead of time that he wasn’t terribly comfortable in front of the camera, and I reassured him he wouldn’t be pressured and that it would be low key and we’d take it at his speed. When he looked very pensive at first I was a little worried until Alison came from the hotel.

bride and groom kennebunkport me

Jackson lost his older brother in February, and had brought strands from his graduation cap. Jackson presented them to Alison who wove them into the comb of her veil. Zachary was with them all day.

wedding bagpipers

 Bagpipers announcing the wedding party!! Fabulous. and really nice people, too.

wedding ceremony kennebunkport maine

The words so diligently thought out were read and a few sniffles wiped away. Uncle Rob preformed the ceremony, and I think this is the 3rd wedding I’ve covered with him, I wish he’d offer it to non family members. There is no better JP I’ve heard.

Their bridal party — so much fun, so helpful,  the little girls so charming. They came close to stealing the show.

food at colony hotel kennebunkport me

The food at the Colony: Superb. Lobster Tail with Filet Mignon for the Main(e) course, chocolate covered strawberries. But the real labor of love was the 24 pies that Judi and friends made up to the day before. With pie crust decoration spelling out Alison and Jackson. I can’t even begin to imagine the work.

and the Handmade centerpieces — so beautifully made they should be featured in a  magazine. Hand made menu cards. And wooden, handmade rings inscribed. I’m still blown away at the talent.

PhotoBooth was active all night long. Pete told me he’d never had such fun.

Who has their groom sing to them at the end of the night? It gave me the chills.

Love the above image of Jackson and his Mom. I had the pleasure of speaking with her at length at the rehearsal dinner and found her charming.

colony hotel kennebunkport night

Alison and Jackson. You’ve both come from warm and welcoming families, and you’ve already begun to follow your folks teaching.

Thank you for letting me step in. And it won’t be the last time, that’s a promise.

Love you all.

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  1. Zannah Lyle October 20, 12 at 12:56 pm #

    Beautiful photos, Karen. Lovely. And I enjoyed talking to you at the rehearsal dinner. You well captured the joy and beauty of the day. Zannah

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