Donna and Ted — Wedding at the Essex Steam Train, Essex, CT


I really don’t like to make up stories.  Real life provides enough. But when Ted came into the office and said he and Donna were having their wedding at the Valley Railroad , dinner on the Essex Dinner Train and reception at the River Valley Junction Hall my mind almost literally exploded. The history of the railroads; the steam train itself — how does it work?; the romance of a time gone by.

I’m all about it!

These images took a long time to put together beginning when Norm and I started planning (the day after Ted came in!) I’m so grateful Donna and Ted let us run with our wild ideas.

It had to be black and white. Gritty.

The story begins. Do they get together before the train takes them far far apart ???

In the nick of time THEY DO!

And the story begins.

A lovely fall day with the Train Yard as a backdrop for the ceremony.

Alone and Together and so expressive.

I love including daughters and sons in the ceremony. And celebrating with Dad afterwards.


steam train essex ct

Mark Twain once said there isn’t a train I wouldn’t take. Isn’t that the truth. It’s been my preferred mode of travel since forever. I would travel with my 3 kids, all under the age of 6, by myself. From the mid west back to see the folks on the cape, on the overnight train with a sleeper room. The kids could play,  the motion would lull them sleep through the night and I could relax. The food wasn’t near as good as this. White linens, attentive staff and watching the Connecticut River fall to dusk.
http://www.karenleaf.comhttp://www.karenleaf.comAnd then it was back to the station for the reception.

Smoke got in my eyes.

A toast by Donna’s daughter called for kleenex throughout the room.

And the WILD AND CRAZY dancing.

And a final image at the end of the night.

The story has just begun.

The day exceeded all my grandiose expectations.

Thanks to Norm, again.  He makes things happen and is critical in helping make the ideas come to life.

Thank you Donna  and Ted,  for the trust in our visions and giving us time to create some really fun images for you.

Don’t ever get off the train.

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