Ginger and John – Wedding at the Overlook at Geer Tree Farm


How long did it take this wedding of the century to come together? 15 years. How many days in the hospital and how many days in rehab? Many many. How many people came to celebrate these two gentle and loving people finally being together? Many more.

We started off with Ginger’s Mom and Dad’s house. Every single inch was filled with family pictures. Literally. A fascinating history of brothers and sisters, cousins, parents, grandparents. Her tea length dress with a lacy cape was the perfect wedding outfit.027-Details

The parade started with a ~1905 Ford, complete with rumble seat coming up to the Overlook with the parents.

vintage car at wedding

And a few minutes later, Jeff driving John up in a side car. Attached to an Indian Motorcycle. What a ride!

Goggles to complete the attire.

Indian motorcycle bringing groom to wedding-4Indian motorcycle bringing groom to wedding-5

What a great treat to have a double tent at the Overlook. I’d been worried all week that with the high heat and humidity it would be a difficult day under the sun. The perfect solution.

Indian motorcycle bringing groom to wedding-6

Then, the main attraction. Ginger arrived at the ceremony in the 1939 Fire Truck. Complete with water tanks, a bell and a real horn. Ava had the honors in the front of the cab ringing them up the hill, while Anne Marie made sure Spot the (stuffed) Dalmatian didn’t lose his Captain’s Hat.

vintage firetruck bringing bride to weddingvintage firetruck bringing bride to wedding-6vintage firetruck bringing bride to wedding-7vintage firetruck bringing bride to wedding-8vintage firetruck bringing bride to wedding-9

(breaking the story here for a moment to acknowledge the effort Norm put into documenting the arrival. The Overlook is magnificent with the windy road up to the top and I think Norm ran back and forth along 3 or 4 of the curves watching one vehicle go up as the other came in from the bottom. And then made it to the top of the hill in time for the start of the ceremony. A tremendous effort, well done)

wedding at overlook at geer tree farm-6

Ginger’s expressions throughout the ceremony were humorous, reflective, thankful.  She had incredible support from her extended family and friends after her terrible accident almost 4 years ago and subsequent months of rehab with Anne Marie. And everyone mentioned how they almost lost her.

So, the Hallelujahs were heartfelt all day.

wedding at overlook at geer tree farm-8

And Jeff had me going. Rings?!?!? Where are the rings? Right. Forgot them at the bar. I think I was the only one fooled.

wedding at overlook at geer tree farm-7095-Ceremony-Editwedding at overlook at geer tree farm

And then it was playtime. Ginger and John certainly knew their guests interests. Everyone wanted a ride

wedding pictures with vintage cars-8

indian motorcycle with firehouse dalmation

But the most fun (for us) was riding the running boards down the hill and playing Driving Miss Daisy. (Except I was kind of playing a Secret Service agent protecting our first woman President)

wedding pictures with vintage cars-7

wedding pictures with vintage cars-5

vintage vehicles at wedding-4

vintage vehicles at wedding

vintage vehicles at wedding-5

There is a fire truck under there somewhere.

large family group at weddingvintage vehicles at wedding-6

Matthews Catering did not only a fabulous job preparing the food but the service was first class. The staff pleasant, making sure everyone had enough water all day, there wasn’t anything that was left wanting. Wonderful displays of cheese and fruit before and after the ceremony, salamon, beef, fresh veggies, pasta were all done perfectly. From a personal note: It’s not often we, the photographers, get to sit for more than 5 minutes to re-fuel ourselves. There is always something going on and we’re always ready to jump up. When we get to eat at the same time as the bride and groom it makes us ready to go when things get started again–and Matthews made sure we were taken care of. Having a few minutes to recharge after already working for sometimes 5 or 6 hours is really important! THANK YOU!matthews catering

Roast Beef – rare- and potatoes. SO GOOD.

matthews catering-2matthews catering-6matthews catering-7wedding cupcakes

A huge shout out to Bruce John and his band. They didn’t take a break. For 5 hours. And the dance floor was packed all the time. And who knew 150 people could sing  all the verses of Hallelujah in unison and with the same intensity as Jeff Buckley. No one wanted it to end. It was spiritual, thank you.

Get in touch with Bruce for your next event. But write him now. He’s a busy guy.

bruce johnbruce john-2

A little different Father/Daughter Dance. Bruce played the songs Dad used to sing to his baby daughter and she sang them back to Dad. Not a dry eye in the house.

wedding reception at overlook at geer tree farm

Had to Diane. Had to. Not sure how long we’ve known each other. Diane is a very talented photographer herself so it was an honor that she recommended us for the event. Thank you.

wedding reception at overlook at geer tree farm-10

A very proud Dad standing by the memory table overseeing all his daughter’s accomplishments. This singular moment still overcomes me a little.

wedding reception at overlook at geer tree farm-17

All night long. The oldies. And a packed floor. Everyone singing. A Polka to honor the past.

wedding reception at overlook at geer tree farm-11wedding reception at overlook at geer tree farm-12wedding reception at overlook at geer tree farm-13wedding reception at overlook at geer tree farm-14wedding reception at overlook at geer tree farm-18

wedding at overlook at geer tree farm-2wedding reception at overlook at geer tree farm-16

Thank you both. For your gentleness, your humor, and for sharing ALL your family. They and you are wonderful.

When I asked Ginger if the day was everything she had dreamed of her eyes sparkled like a 3 year old and Christmas. I think her eyes will be sparkling for many many years to come.

041-Formals Informals and Requested--Editindian motorcycle

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  1. Diane LeBlanc August 29, 15 at 5:52 pm #

    Awesome job Karen and Norm! Thank-you from all of us!

  2. Therese Jenkins John September 6, 15 at 3:52 pm #

    A beautiful pictorial tribute to beautiful couple. Truely was the wedding of the century.

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