Kassie and Scott: Married at the Aqua Turf Club

I’ll never forget our first ‘meeting’ — a Skype call. Kassie and Scott (and Sammy, IIRC) laughed the entire conversation — they are so friendly, they asked all the good questions, it was like we were sitting across from each other. That the technology worked, and I was able to show them albums and some recent work still astounds me ūüôā

Fast forward to an awesome engagement session last fall. I really think it was the first time they were able to relax in a long time. We went to a local park, laughed a lot and I felt like I had known them for years. The only disappointment I had was that Sammy wasn’t able to come along so I was really looking forward to meeting him. And what a little charmer he is! And, I suspect, keeps them hopping.

I have to re-post this from Facebook. It just grabbed me, and gives hope to everyone who has lost it. It set the stage for the next day.

The last two years have been the best years of my life and today I marry the man who saved me in my darkest hour…just when I was starting to believe that love doesn’t exist and I was truly broken Scott came along and picked up all the pieces of my heart…I love you Scott and I can’t wait to marry you today!!! ‘

The moment of Scott’s first look. Priceless. All the pre-wedding preps, a little internal tension, the transformation from a bride to be, to a bride. Beautiful as Kassie is, I hardly recognized her. I think it was the utter peace she felt.

¬†What a beautiful location the Aqua Turf¬†provides for a wedding. Fountains, a windmill, a wonderful stone bridge. And a staff that is incredible. It was a hot day. Their maitre’d didn’t even have to be asked for water or something to eat. It was already there. Even for Pete and me. First class service. Many times, as vendors we kinda have to fend for ourselves and that’s to be expected. It was as if we were treated as guests as well. I can only imagine how well the real guests felt.


¬†Did I mention the food? Copious amounts of food. Enough so I even brought home the biggest prime rib bone I’ve ever seen. The dog forgave me for being away all day.

 LOVE all the details of a well planned wedding.

And the Photobooth. It seemed to be an overwhelming hit.

This might have been the last dance for Sammy, but it’s the first dance for a new family.

 Thank you Scott and Kassie. The bear hug I got at the end of the night made me realize how lucky I really am.  Thank you thank you.

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