Kayleigh and Keith – A Wedding at the Golden Lamb Buttery

and it was a day of celebration, a wedding full of military tradition, and just about the most perfect country wedding day.

We started a bit non traditionally, although I am thrilled it’s becoming more accepted.

The First Look.

Keith and I are making small talk about what he does in the Navy. He’s a graduate of the Academy in Annapolis, and to be honest it wasn’t just small talk for me — I was genuinely curious and couldn’t get enough.  Kayleigh was very stealthy and I think I kind of gave it away when she was right behind him cause I remember getting a huge grin on my face- mirrored in Keith’s.  The first look is great — it really gives the bride and groom some space for themselves before the ceremony to work out any nerves and to just have a little fun; it also is a big time saver as the bridal and family formals can be done before the reception.

country wedding

Golden Lamb Buttery Wedding

Keith’s Dad and I were talking while we were setting up for the family groups. I can’t remember his exact words ( and I wish I could because they came from deep down)  but it really choked me up:

“Keith is a GOOD kid, and has tremendous talents and I am just so proud of him. I am so pleased that Kayleigh is part of our family. She complements him, and completes him. I could never ask for a better woman for him. They were born to be together.”

A country wedding at the Golden Lamb is incredibly special. Farm land with stone fences, rolling hills, a big tree to stand under for shade and steps away from the wonderful barn for the reception.

Kayleigh and Keith’s ceremony was very personal. Both Moms spoke and read and gave some history to their relationship.

Navy Week! A JP when Keith was deployed to the middle east. Honor. Families.

And a commitment in front of family, friends and God.

And Tradition. The Sword Arch as they are presented to their friends and family. The Marine couldn’t keep a straight face as he swatted Kayleigh’s backside.

navy sword arch

Sword Arch at wedding

The reception at the Golden Lamb is always full of adventures, especially with the animals. I do believe Keith really wanted to see a goat rather than the donkey tho!

The photobooth was a hit again! Young Kids, kids who are young at heart. And families.

One of my favorite groups was a gathering of all who had served the country or who were presently serving. And who WILL be serving!  Under the big flag they kept gathering.

Thank these people for the service and sacrifice. There are none better.

Bruce and Marcia. Scott and Jackie. You have raised two incredibly gifted children. Their dedication and honor  to family and country is inspiring as is yours.

Kayleigh and Keith. You are the perfect role models for young adults in the country. It’s been an incredible honor to be a part of your day.

Blessings and safe travels — I can only imagine how exciting they will be.

Thank you.

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