Kim and Bill: Crystal Lake Golf Club Wedding

Married at last!

Kim and Bill were married at the Crystal Lake Golf Club in Mapleville RI on a perfect Saturday in June.

I first met Kim about 5 years ago when I photographed her sister Missy’s wedding (and Kim was the one who found me for that!) and it was wonderful to catch up with her charming family.

Bill watches over me at People’s United Bank at the Putnam Stop and Shop — and that’s no easy task.

As I get older the world seems to get smaller and I was honored to be asked to document their day.

We had a great engagement session last summer and Kim’s quick and easy laughter is contagious.

Pete rode with the guys over to the ceremony site in the woods–when I was going thru the images I thought Oh NO! Bill is getting nervous, something that was not evident about an hour before while I was hanging out with the guys. But no, he laughter seems to dispel that notion 🙂 What a pleasure to hang with the guys and to see Bill in other than a professional setting. His smile never left him all day. And an honest — not for the camera — smile. The best kind.

 And what a fabulous site. There ceremony is across the lake from the golf club in the middle of the woods. Tall trees block the sun, and a cool breeze off the late. Perfect for an out outdoor ceremony.

The Kids. I knew from the rehearsal the night before that they would be so much fun. The little flower girls throwing the daisies and finding their family among the guests; Blake decided they were having too much fun and ran up to have some fun too. Either that or he was thinking it was time to get moving. I prefer to think the former.

 I really believe the formals are some of the most important parts of the day. It doesn’t mean they have to be stiff and boring.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Kim and Bill wedding colors of grey and yellow. The grey Converse sneakers the guys wore all day made me laugh. And wish I had a pair too.

 The sweets table gave me an excuse to play a little with the rings.

And the photobooth. I just can’t get over how much people go crazy with the booth. We had to improvise a little, but it allowed us to get more people into the spirit.

Fireworks on your wedding day. The perfect ending.

 Thank you, Kim and Bill, and to your families for welcoming us and receiving us as family. It’s been such a pleasure — personally as well as professionally. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again. I have the best clients, but more than that.  It’s the friendships that begin as a professional relationship but grow into much more that mean so much.

Love you guys.

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