Lis and Jason – Wedding in Western MA

Lis and Jason

Wisteriahurst Museum

Williston-Northampton School

The Log Cabin

I was so excited when I first met Lis and Jason — getting married in my birthplace and that my Mom went to school at Northampton when it was all girls. It really was old home week for me at that meeting. That Jason is an avid fantasy football player was a big bonus. We had a great engagement session in the fall-they were so relaxed I knew it was going to be great. That, and I got the scoop and who to be picking for the football league 🙂

They really liked the idea of a First Look before the actual ceremony and found the perfect spot for it at the Wisteriahurst Museum in Holyoke. Fabulous architecture, gorgeous floors, huge open rooms. And a staircase that was made for our purposes.

For a first look we keep the bride and groom separated and arrange for the ‘meeting’. The anticipation is  still there but the stress that sometimes comes with seeing your bride/groom in front of 100s of people is greatly reduced. Plus it’s a bunch of fun, we have time afterwards for portraits and even getting the family formals done right away — then after the ceremony it’s immediately onto the reception!

I LOVE Jason’s big smile of anticipation!

Lis owned that staircase. I love the raw emotion once they hugged.

The Music Room. Incredible Light, and a huge Ball Room.

And then the sitting room for some Bridal Party Portraits. But First one with Lis who has the most beautiful profile.

Lis and Jason said they had great attendants — FUN! people. They weren’t exaggerating. I think there should be a flip book with these sequences. The girls must have been practicing their expressions. I nearly died laughing then and again when going thru the images.

This was SUCH FUN!

A few details.

Jason’s Mom did all the flowers. Amazing TALENT!

Lis’s Grandfather’s tie and her Grandmother’s Pin. Stuff like this chokes me up.

Not to make this really long, I’m going to continue this tomorrow. Take up with the ceremony and reception.

It really was an incredible fun, emotional day.

Part 2

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  1. Norm Aubin May 22, 12 at 10:29 am #

    I remember hearing laughing and cheering from the library, now I see why. Good Times!

  2. Cheryl DiChiaro Contillo May 23, 12 at 11:19 am #

    Pictures are awesome!

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