Olivia and Zach — A Fall Wedding in Pomfret CT

There are reasons why autumn is the most popular season to get married, at least in Connecticut. The colors. The cool weather. The slower (for some of us!) pace of life.

Mostly because it’s the best time to Fall in Love.

We started off at their great location in Ashford–quiet and right by the lake. A perfect location for a wedding weekend. The girls–so much fun; nerves and laughter inter-mixed.

Olivia’s dress-what a masterpiece! The lace work so intricate and bringing in the leafiness in the details. Think maybe I have a special bias here.


And the colors. The girls purple dresses and shoes and the delicate purple and white calla lilies in Olivia’s bouquet were perfect choices.


Flawless makeup. And a special “First Look’ with the girls after Mom helped Olivia get her dress on.


The beautiful Most Holy Trinity Church in Pomfret seemed to carry over their color scheme. Father David is so kind and performed a touching, personalized service.

And the flower girl almost stole the show. What a little charmer.

I love Olivia’s confidence and smile just before the ceremony.  And Zach’s reaction seeing his beautiful bride.


After the family formals we had some play with the bridal party. They were so much fun, so attentive and unbelievably helpful.


Just down the street Grill 37 was their reception venue and Debra Chandler was on top of all activities, as always.   The beautiful ballroom was all decked out with the unique details Olivia and Zach chose.

I’m always intrigued at the emotions that the first dance evokes–all within 5 minutes.


By nature and  nurture, parent dances.  It always so touching.


Some of the clever details. My own personal favorite was the maple leaf guest puzzle. (Think there might be a pattern here.?)


So much fun. All night.


As it happened, we had to cut our walk around time short on the wedding day so we decided to do a Day After session at the local park. Best thing ever. No time crunch, time to really relax and enjoy the outside, and the best thing ever is wearing the dress again!

Kingston was going to come to the wedding but cooler heads prevailed so he came along for the Day After session. Perfect.

http://www.karenleaf.comhttp://www.karenleaf.comhttp://www.karenleaf.comThank you Olivia and Zach!  It’s been an honest pleasure to get to know and work with you.  And your families and friends.  (Aunt Lori is getting a big shout out for her kindness!)

It was a perfect day.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and excitement!

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  1. Lynn Blackmer November 6, 16 at 9:53 pm #

    Beautiful pictures! Karen, you did a great job capturing their beauty!

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