The Newborn Year




Best to do the littlest kids before they are 2 weeks old. They are still squishy and curling and sleep alot giving us time to move them around without disturbing them

Plan for about 2-3 hours in the studio. LOTS of time allowed for snuggles and feeds and relaxing. Let me know your preferred beverage and treats and it will be done.


Under a year



Between 1-3  months are good interaction opportunities. Baby is becoming aware of Mom and Dad and younger siblings and will respond with smiles. This type of session will allow them to be vertical without doing really weird things.



      Between 3-7 Months

Lots of opportunities for big toothless giggles, just starting to raise her head, sit up and maybe if you are unlucky, starting to stand.




8 Months to a Year

Baby has become a real person! Still so dependent on you but with a personality that is developing rapidly. Schedule a cake smashes about a month before the Big Day and your prints will be ready to give as gifts at the party