Regina and Russell Married, Branford House Wedding

 I don’t know but what I’ll start at the end, and then come back to the beginning.

The end of the day, the end of years of planning. And the beginning of their life together.

 “L’Heure Bleu“.

The sun has set beyond the horizon and the night has yet to settle in. It’s not really an hour. It’s about 5 minutes, and feels like 2.

Regina had dreamed of this day for years and years and years. They first met in 1979. In Regina’s words: “He Had Me At Hello”

Years and life events intervened until they were reunited.  And the marriage is the accumulation of  30+ years of friendship.

There is something about a mature bride that is striking.  Maybe it’s life experiences make the calm confidence so evident.

But all brides have the same glint in their eye, the same anticipation of the day and years to come.

One thing for sure is that Regina and Russ had ALL THE DETAILS down!

Battenburg lace wedding dress, cathedral length train and veil. And a Cathedral to be married in.

Morning suits for the gentlemen.

  Rolls Royce for the bridal transportation, and Trolley as a shuttle for the guests.

5 course wedding dinner.

I love weddings. Outside on a family farm or in a Cathedral. This one is spectacular.

  As we talked throughout the year the one thing Regina stressed was that the only thing that really mattered was that her guests and bridal party had fun.

Whatever it took. So, there were hula hoops, bubbles, croquet sets, crayons, paint. Babysitters so the parents could enjoy the evening.

And the parents got to play too.

Wedding Day Fun. Right here.

Intricate planning. Thoughtful wedding design. Full co-ordination.

Modern and traditional and remembering those no longer here. Bottom right above, Regina and Russ’ rings in her parents Irish Rosary. They would have been proud of you today.

avery point wedding

“I want a picture by the lighthouse”

Irish Blessing Charms for the bridesmaids, baked into the cake.

And at the beginning and the end, your family and friends surrounding you and supporting you.

One of the least mentioned benefits to my job is getting to know — sometimes very closely! — so many diverse people.  When Regina emailed me more than a year ago about her wedding, we went back and forth a few times via email, which isn’t unusual. What WAS unusual is that we we first talked on the phone — starting at something like 6pm if I remember correctly, we talked for  almost 2 1/2 hours. About her plans, our families, our parents, the striking parallels with each others lives. I felt like I knew her like I had grown up with her. Remarkable. Literally I felt like I had been speaking with my sister.

I am truly blessed. In so many ways.

Thank you: too many to count, but to all your wedding party and especially the kids! So helpful, so pleasant, so engaging. You too are blessed.

To Pete and Norm. Couldn’t have done it without you guys. Some of your images are posted above.

And especially to Regina and Russ. For your confidence, conversations, chocolate chips cookies in Boston. I can’t wait to see what your album is going to look like!










Wedding Preparations: Mystic Marriott and Spa, Groton CT

Wedding Ceremony: St Patrick’s Cathedral, Norwich CT

Wedding Reception at The Branford House, Avery Point, CT

Reception Music: On the veranda:  Chictopus

Inside Dancing:  Heartbeat Dance Band.

Caterer: A Thyme to Cook

Florist: Thames River Greenery

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