Snippets of Love

I love getting ‘thatta girl!’ as much as the next person, and as a matter of fact I live for it 🙂

Wanted to share a few client reactions found in emails, the blog and comments on individual pictures. Some of these make me laugh, some made me cry, all of them recall tremendous moments with some of my favorite clients and their families and friends.)

Beautiful photos, Karen. Lovely. You well captured the joy and beauty of the day


The pictures are as beautiful as the wedding was.


OMG!  Your work is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! I am so GRATEFUL and so THRILLED I can’t even find the right words! THANK YOU just doesn’t see adequate Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing the best day of lives!!!


Karen the photos are so beautiful!!! Thank you


I don’t like this….I LOVE IT !!!!


Thanks Karen!.We are thrilled!


WOW what a moment in time – great!


Oh…I got news for you K-Leaf…you are never losing touch with us.  We are like a bad case of xxxxx…sometimes you don’t hear from us for awhile, but when you least expect it, we will “show up” and turn your world upside down


.I cant begin to tell u how happy i am that —– found you….When i asked her what the most important thing about her wedding was she told me the pictures…I was afraid we would not get what she wanted, well that is until we found you….You are truely the best!!!!!


We loved working with you and will tell everyone how amazing u are


Karen, you are a true photo genius


Needs no words. What a beautiful picture


This is a phenomenal shot absolutely stunning


Thank you SO MUCH for working so hard to give me what I envisioned


Beautiful as usual! great job Karen!


Great pictures! Great pictures!


Finally we finished reviewing the wedding pictures and they were amazing! As usual, great work Karen!


We just saw the “preview” and we love it


This is very cool not sure how you got those pups to pose lol

So cute…So clever!

Karen! Love it!

Beautiful picture Karen Love it.

Needs no words. What a beautiful picture

You are so creative.

No words …none …speechless

Hi, I’d like to order a poster size? ‘Cuz this is just ahhhhwoooooooooo!

Dude, it’s not even fair how amazing this picture is.

Simply stunning

Talk about hitting it-out-the park…

Wow . . . just . . . . wow!