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Think about … New trends for your wedding day

Hot New Trends on your Wedding Day

First Look, the Reveal, Preview

One of the most special moments of the day is when your intended sees your for the first time. You know that old commercial that says: ‘When everyone else is looking at you, you’ll be looking at him?” Gives me goosebumps every time cause it’s true. Many people are a little apprehensive about 150 people looking at them, or have time constraints and need to vacate the ceremony area pronto. So how about arranging for a private moment ahead of time?

The romance and anticipation is still there, maybe even more so! After the first look we can get your couple portraits completed, maybe even the bridal party and if you’d like the family formals done. Afterwards, finish primping and add something (your veil, special jewelry?) that will be unique and special for your ceremony.  You’ll even be able to get to the cocktail hour!


Unplugged Wedding!

You’ve heard and read about it. Asking everyone at the ceremony to turn off phones, cameras, recording devices. to be WITH you as you commit to each other. I’m not going to lie. My son got married last year and I had the camera to my face for about 10 minutes during the ceremony before I realized I was missing the reason for the day. I couldn’t help myself, but once I realized what I was doing I was pretty much appalled. If I can do it, your second cousin can put down her Ipad, your uncles can refrain for the time it takes to say I do, and you won’t have to look at 100 cameras in your face as your process and recess–you’ll be looking at happy faces instead of a phone. In this particular situation I had to move up about 15 feet to get the image as the bride and groom walked down the aisle.  Would you rather have this image or one that shows the whole scene? Not to mention that about 6 people got nothing but a picture of my backside. I’m sure the bride and groom were thankful for those. If you do an unplugged wedding I promise to include ceremony downloads for your friends and family so they can  have the moments that were caught.

Pre Wedding Boudoir Shoot

Why not!! You are absolutely looking your best, ever. You have the energy, your makeup and hair are flawless. Let’s spend an hour or 2 after your hairdresser and makeup artist are done; we can use your wedding lingerie, your veil, your flowers, everything about the day!  And then surprise him on your first anniversary with his own little black book! And imagine walking down the aisle knowing something he doesn’t know, and will be over the moon with! (Since these are private moments, no photos:)


I’m not so sure this is a trend anymore since it’s so popular, and for a reason.

We use an open air type of booth so people can see the hilarity, and I don’t have to process some unsightly images that might burn my eyes. Yes, we have mustaches on a stick and a light sabre and the viking horns. Lots of props. Yes,  we print on site.

Want to make your own trends?? Talk to me! I love stuff that is different and unique!


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