Wedding Questions and Answers

Can you meet with us to talk about our wedding?

You bet! I want to know all the details! The photography studio is located in Putnam Connecticut;  if you are not able to come to my studio I certainly can plan a conference call or we can communicate by email. Many of my clients are some distance away and take advantage of modern technology.

What kind of photographs will you take at our wedding?

The stock answer: My photographic style is a blend of documentary and editorial coverage. Candids as well as set-up details and groupings.

Candids allow for an unobtrusive approach to capturing the real, and often undocumented details of your family and friends as the celebrate your wedding. I ask for about 30-45 minutes in additional to the formals time for some alone time with just the 2 of you; these portraits are lightly directed and allow you to relax for a few moments before your reception. Your first images of you as a married couple are the ones you will cherish most.

 If there is time built into the day let’s get really creative with your bridal party!

Normal editing includes adjustments to tweak colors, lightness etc; if you like ‘spot’ or selective color or highly saturated and contrasty or (gasp!) HDR photos I can certainly do that. However, if you look at classic wedding images: your parents, grandparents, etc, I suspect the ones that you are drawn to are NOT the ones that show off the fads of the day.  The classic images-either posed or poignant candids- WILL be the ones that you will cherish in the days and years to come.  Processing fads come and go, and my goal is to make your images remain timeless. Black and white is timeless and processed on request at no charge.

The real answer:  The moments that you don’t remember. The events that go by in a nanosecond. The most important moments that bind your lives. After photographing weddings over the past 9 year I’ve found the ability to anticipate, be proactive is a true skill.  We are constantly moving and watching the interactions, subtle and not so subtle. Being able to describe the moment a photograph was made is one of my greatest pleasures when people ask me about a particular photo. In 50 years you’ll be able to recall every moment.


Will you be with us all day?

I will be with you from the moment your contract is signed until the end of the hours you have chosen for coverage. And afterwards! One of the best things about my job is that I get to talk with you — sometimes a year in advance!– about all your plans and the details you’ve chosen. I help you develop a timeline for the day that will take the ceremony, the meals and anything else you’ve got planned into consideration. Your photographer is the one person who you will be working with for most of the day, and should be most aware of your schedule. When you choose your photographer make sure she/he has enough experience to guide you in your planning, and can be proactive to last minute changes in the day. And it doesn’t stop at the end of the day. Creating an album to showcase your day; creating the first family heirloom that you will share with your children and grandchildren. The value of a timeless album is immeasurable, and if you choose one, we will make it the treasure it is.

What kind of camera(s) do you use?

2 Canon 5DMark3s are the cameras I use primarily. I also have 2 more professional cameras as backups which come to every event,  ‘L’ lenses. Top of the line flashes. New England venues are typically very dark at night, even in the summer but especially in the fall and winter! Knowing how to properly expose the scene quickly is essential. And equipment does matter in less than perfect conditions.  Studio equipment is also used for very large events and venues. Making sure the right tool are used is a primary concern. All primary cameras have 2 card slots for instant redundancy. Gear can and does fail at the most important times. Being able to use the right tool is an essential decision a photographer must make for various conditions.

What happens if you get sick/can’t shoot our wedding?

I belong to an extensive network of full time professional photographers that jump if something catastrophic should happen. I broke my arm  few winters ago with a wedding coming up in 9 days, and wasn’t sure at all whether I’d be able to hold a camera, much less shoot for 8 hours. I secured another primary photographer within hours; we had 3 full-time photographers for the whole day 🙂

                                                                            Do you have insurance?

Absolutely!  Errors and Omissions, and liability and gear. I wouldn’t dream of working without all 3.

                                                                       Professional Organizations?

I’ve been a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) for 10 years.

 I  am a PPA Certified Professional Photographer by passing a fairly grueling examination, and acceptance of 20 images which represent the core of my work/subjects. There are approximately 2500 CPP’s worldwide.

                                                                  What do I get in my package?

Over the past several years I’ve discovered that even with a detailed timeline discussed during the booking process and then with the final timeline your day will inevitably run over the panned time.  I HATE leaving when the dancing is just starting to get going! Or the moon has risen over mountains just in time for the perfect nighttime image!

So, my base package includes up to 8 hours of photography, Digital media with personal print release, standard digital processing, a private on line gallery with 1/2 price prints for friends and family. Custom packages are available and can include a heirloom album (discounted if pre -purchased), Save the Dates or thank you cards.  Having a more intimate event? Give me a call.


Do you do engagements, couples, bridals,  TTDs, boudoir?

Of course!  These sessions are great fun and we’ll really get to know each other. I STRONGLY encourage you to book a full engagement session!  It lets us get comfortable with each other, let’s us talk more about your plans and let’s you get away for a hour or so of R&R . Personalized cards are available for your guests with information about your galleries highlighting an image from your session.

How long before I get my stuff?

Your event will be blogged within a week or so of your event; private on line viewing averages 2-3 weeks after the wedding depending on the time of year. You will have a few days to view the images privately before they are opened up to your friends and family. They will remain online for 1 year.  Delivery of the album can be from 2 weeks to 8 weeks after your full approval depending on options you chose and time of year the album is ordered. All albums are made in the US.

OK!  How do I sign up?

I need a signed (electronically or physically) contract and retainer to reserve your date. Your retainer will be either one third  or one half of your package, depending on when your wedding date is. Other options may be available.

I’m really looking forward to hearing about your plans!