About me.

I love living in my small town. I love visiting bigger cities but am always glad for the quiet when coming home. I went to college in Indiana, stayed in the midwest for about 10 years then had to come ‘home’. Home is any place an hours drive from the ocean. How I missed the ocean when I was away from it.

I have a rambunctious Black Lab. She’s really a good dog, and I have to keep telling people that. The black cat is lucky cause I found her when she was about a month old shivering under my car during a snow storm. I can’t get a good picture of them on my iphone unless it’s really bright in the room.

I love summer best. Or maybe spring and fall. I love winter only because it means football is on every weekend. Patriots. Don’t talk to me about the Jets and Giants. Ok, so I guess I can still shoot your wedding but we might have a friendly conversation about how our seasons are going. Ok I love winter too because I make the most awesome slow cooked stew with horse radish and cranberry sauce.

I majored in history in college and never used it, but still have an intense interest. I studied art and art history in high school and college and even spent a semester studying in Greece.. I wanted to be an underwater archeologist. Got the underwater part down, but didn’t have enough science classes. Still bummed about that.  Wanted to be a a journalist too, and that’s where my fascination and obsession with photography began. But I can’t spell worth a nickle. When I got my photography certification  30 years later I kind of thumbed my nose at my professor. And I approach every wedding assignment with a photojournalist’s eye. So maybe my BA has proven it’s worth 🙂

I am a calm person, a grounded person, and a patient person, and I care deeply about making the best pictures possible of your wedding day or of your family. There isn’t too much you can ask me to do that I won’t try my best to accommodate.

I am more of a photographic traditionalist in that it’s best to get perfect lighting –whether it’s outside in bright midday sun (you really don’t want to be doing that!) or light that supplied by an electric outlet. Posing during more formal sessions is critical, too, but I also understand and embrace a moment that might not be ‘perfect’. Some of my client’s most favorite pictures have made them cry at such a moment caught. One thing I don’t believe in is FAD processing like you see all over the internet. With technology changing every 5 minutes it’s the traditional processing – color and black and white – that will remain true. That’s the big reason I believe in hard prints and albums. Properly taken care of they will last generations. I don’t want you to scrounge around a kitchen drawer looking for the CD to ‘watch’ with your grand kids. /off soapbox.

Photographing people- weddings, portraits, newborns – has been my full time job for going on 12 years now. I can’t even count the number of clients, but I think of them all as friends. When families come back for the next big event it’s like I’m being welcomed back into their home. A blessing that’s impossible to describe.

Have 3 kids that have made me proud of everything they do. And now 3 little grandbaby boys! Where has the time gone! (I gotta say working with young kids all these years sure has paid off in the patience department!)  They are scattered along the east coast and we have the best time when we all get together.

And now I do what I love to do. Work with people like you.