Year in Review — 15 Favorites from 2015




This might be the hardest thing I do all year. Pick 15 of my favorites. Yikes.

Raw emotion as the groom sees his bride

First look at before the wedding.

Romantic walk around after wedding

Wedding Formals at A villa Louisa, Bolton CT

Wedding Formals at A villa Louisa, Bolton CT


Golden Lamb Buttery

Tethered balloon at the wedding


Last moments before the wedding

Last minute thoughts before the wedding ceermony

A stolen moment at their wedding

A stolen moment at the Jonathan edwards winery in the barrel room

Private wedding ceremony, Woodstock CT

Private wedding ceremony, Woodstock CT

Newborn with Dad

Newborn with Dad

Chasing a 3 year old for his pictures

those eyes!

Senior portraits in Woodstock CT

High school senior portrait

Normal Rockwell inspired Christmas card

Norman Rockwell Christmas Cards

super moon with plane

the blink of an eye with the piper cub crossing the face of the moon

sunrise over sunflowers

sunrise over sunflowers

Sushi, Mansion at Bald Hill

Dynamite Roll

Studio session with white background

jumping for joy!

 And a bonus. My all time favorite image

Baby Nathan. He’ll call me MorMor

Fresh 24

Newborn Nathan


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  1. Julie A Jetmore December 30, 15 at 11:19 pm #

    Morgan , you take beautiful pictures !! I miss you!!

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