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Cathryn and Dan: A Christmas Time Wedding

Cate and Dan were married on a most wonderful December day. Perfect – just cold enough temps, no snow no rain and blue skies. A relative miracle this year!

The day started at Cate and Dan’s home — full of girls getting ready, family hanging around, Christmas and weddings in the air. A home full of cheer and joy. And I love watching the makeup and hair artists doing such fine work. My hands were shaking just watching them apply beautiful natural makeup, lashes, and creating masterpieces with hair. I took at look at the makeup cases and was a little dumbfounded.  We then all laughed when I thought out loud that it’d be the same thing if they were to ever try to figure out my camera case. No different.

So convenient that their beautiful church was directly across the street.

Such beautiful and delicate white roses for the bouquets.  The fragrance carried throughout the day.

One of the Christmas trees in the house provided Cate with a seasonal background as she took a last look.

No one was hurt while getting pinned, but it did provide some comic relief.

A minor wardrobe malfunction as the girls were coming into the church and one of the girls ripped into the hem of her dress! A pocket knife to the rescue, a couple inches taken off and no one was the wiser.


2 of my favorite moments of a wedding is when the bride gets to the altar to see her groom. I love Cate’s calm when she gets to the front of the church with Mom and Step Dad supporting her. Dan’s expression is priceless as he sees Cate.

A most beautiful couple, walking down the aisle greeting their family and friends. After the formals, it was time to head to the Oliver Wright Tavern in Sturbridge.

The warmth – literally, physically and photographically —  of old Inns is always welcome in winter. and the Tavern did not disappoint. Fires, low light and an attentive staff made the evening a pleasure. The hall was decorated tastefully with winter greens arranged by Cate’s Aunt and displayed – just perfectly– on pedestals made by her stepdad. I just couldn’t get over them.

And you guys just knew the fishhooks would somehow make it into the blog, didn’t you?


A couple moments in front of the fireplace with Cate and Dan.

Thank you all for sharing your joy and laughter, your wonderfully funny families.

Check on facebook for a few more in the next couple days!



Estella Bunny Howe - A truly storybook wedding and reception. Catie was a beautiful bride and her dress while simple was one of the most elegant I have seen in a long time and she wore it beautifully as well. Love to Catie and Dan, Grandma Bunny/Poppa Norm Howe.

Betsy Hamilton Davenport - Congrats Caty & Dan! We wish you many years of love and happiness!

Mary Mitta - Great pictures Karen! You captured the day perfectly. Can not wait to see the rest. Cate and Daniel, Much love!

Amber Carbone - This is just awesome! Love Love!

Lee Cooley - love the story & pictures.

Amy Lyn - Wow, those are great pictures!

Crystal Daigneau - Love them

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