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Tyrone Farm Wedding, Pomfret CT: Tracy and John

Tracy and John picked the best day of the spring season to be married, at Tyrone Farm in Pomfret.  Truly one of the most scenic farms in the area overlooking huge working fields. I must stop once at week and more in the autumn at the bottom of their fields and just ponder and wonder.

Getting ready on wedding day

The farm complex includes a multi-bedroom cottage with full kitchen, baths and is the perfect place to get dressed. I am always in tears with the Moms, cause I know my day is coming, sooner than later, I hope! Tracy was radiant with a full train dress, and half veil. I love the dresses that tie up in the back–it’s just so festive.

Marriage ceremony at Tyrone Farms

The ceremony was held under the pergola in front of the main house, overlooking the valley that I stop at. Beautiful sunny day, warm but not hot,  and flowers were in bloom from all the rain this month. Show stopper.  Did I say it was sunny?


During the walk around time, it was tough to find unfiltered shade, so we decided to embrace the harsh sun and play a little.  Pete helped me out on a moments notice with some lighting,  and I love the look of these.

Everytime I am at a function with G7 Catering I am amazed that it gets better and better. Tonight they served plated salad, and had swordfish, salmon, and the most delicious brisket I’ve ever had.  A pasta bar was also offered.  The cake looked fabulous, very simple with a small ruffle on the top layer, and was delicious as were the ice cream balls covered with chocolate.

G7 catering


Tracy and John supplied hand carried wine from California, which was served by Two Pour Guys bartenders from Wallingford.


The Hora! What a treat!!


Thank you both! Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your families, especially those talented nieces and nephews.

Hope you have a fabulous trip to Italy!


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