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Hole in the Wall Camp – Part Deux

Catching up after spending an AWESOME week with Bobbie Lane in Farmington studying light – advanced studio lighting, finding and seeing the light, outdoor and indoor flash, direct sun, shade, and everything in between! HIGHLY recommended for anyone wanting to commit to improving their craft.

So I’ve got piles of images to process both from last week and the week prior when I was running around like a mad person.

Not sure if there is anything better than spending time at Hole in the Wall Camp. This particular day was one of the hottest (to date) in a very hot July, so we tried to find some shade to keep the kids cool but more importantly so Pete and I wouldn’t pass out. The kids didn’t seem to mind it at all!

Again, these beautiful kids, whether they were shy and dragging a smile from them was the biggest challenge of the day or they just came off the set of Americas Next Best Model,  are a joy to be with for the 5 or so minutes we got with each of them. They will remain in my heart always.

And again a huge thank you to Pete who kept me on track and moved me along when all I wanted to do is sit and talk with the kids:)

God bless them and keep them safe.


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