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Michelle and Evan’s Wedding Day-Brooklyn CT

I don’t know why I am so blessed to have the most beautiful brides and handsome grooms! Michelle and Evan had an incredible fall wedding in one of the most scenic areas in Connecticut; rolling hills, peak color, warm days and cool evenings. It just doesn’t get any better than this, and Michelle and Evan celebrated in style!

They are 2 incredibly talented people! Michelle got the news she passed the bar exam on Friday! CONGRATS! And Evan and his family buisness, Sigfridson Wood Products , are truly master craftsmen and builders. They WILL build my new studio — nothing else will do.
I started the day with Michelle and her sisters anda daughter while they were getting dressed at Michelle and Evan’s wonderful home. Such calm! A peacefulness surrounded Michelle as she rehearsed her vows. They were so heartfelt and unique I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house–and a fabulous house of worship it is! Built in the 1600’s it has little boxes where families sat–the structure is undergoing extensive renovation but it still a wonder–I especially appreciated all the lightbeams that came from LOTS of windows.



A few family pictures at the church left me rolling–this little one was so shy! Until the dancing started !

After the ceremony we stopped for a brief time at their home for a little quiet time–and I really think they appreciated it. Evan looked at Michelle with such love! I wish I had the other camera focused on him and this was taken (and that would have been a trick) because he just let out an enourmous sigh that chilled me to the bone!


Cocktails and dinner was prepared by A Thyme to Cook was a delicious salad with a wonderul tangy vinaigrette, with salmon or pork, rice, curry dressing, cake and YUMMY YUMMY chocolate chip cookies. The cake was gorgeous–and here Michelle looks like she’s about to attack it! The flowers were arranged by Windy Acres in Woodstock, and it just reminds me how much I love the colors of fall flowers-such a range of color and saturations.




The party was held at the private barn Evan and his family just finished–the workmanship that went into this structure is remarkable. All I could think is that I wish Dad could see this. Mindboogling! I don’t remember seeing the dance floor empty as Flat Rock played and sang everything from the 50’s, 60’s and more. Jazz, R&R, Blues-they did it all. Except the chicken dance. (Just a little private joke between Evan and me :))


Thank you for asking me to share your quiet humor and grace!

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