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Olson and Savage: Wedding at Eolia Mansion, Harkness Park, Waterford CT

Where do I begin??

Mike and Jillian have a grand passion for each other that transcends their wedding day; what began as a friendship 10 years ago grew into a bond that is evident from the moment I met them, a year ago.

And I believe that the humor that drew them together will serve them well. Little did I know what I was in for.

“Kleaf, can we do this, KLeaf, come here for a second.” I must have signed an email like that, (usually reserved for close family and friends) and MOlson, picked right up on it. We were going to be a good match.

“KLeaf, if you need me, just yell Olson and I’ll get there a lot quicker than if you call me Mike”. Me too, Olson. Done and Done.

A really rainy late September week prior to the wedding had us a little worried. We had planned on doing the formals prior to the ceremony to let Olson and Savage join right into the party. A few days before I emailed Mike saying it wasn’t too early to start the anti-rain dance. I know he was sweating. Lots of formals, and we couldn’t get into Eolia Mansion until just before the ceremony. Then, the night before the wedding Mike emailed me saying he had done the dance (and you’ll have to ask him directly in what manner he did so, since this is a family blog), and that it was going to be all right.  Good dancing will win out every time.

Do those eyes just melt your heart?

Doing the family and bridal formals before the ceremony relieves so much pressure to get them done when all anyone wants to do is get the party going.

And what a fun bunch the bridal party and family were! And how they forgave me when I’m calling out names, and everyone is right in front of me.

harkness park weddingundefinedharkness park wedding


Mike’s  son Jonathan is a remarkable 12 year old. He’s got his own section below. Read on.

I LOVE the girls spirit! No cars for them from the Mansion to the Amphitheater! It’s not a short walk, either.

They braved wet grass, watched where they were stepping (if you get my drift) and all with laughter and good spirits.

How Jillian managed to walk without getting her dress trashed, and carrying their son Noah, I’ll never know.

He will be 1 next month.

eolia wedding ceremony

Jonathan, Mike’s Son, 12 years old.

Not only did he have every person in attendance in tears during the service–but when it was his turn during the reception to toast his Dad and Jillian, he nearly brought down the house.

I cry during most every ceremony. Real, wipe away tears. But Jonathan was lucky — if he didn’t stop when he did I would have been mortified–gulping for air sobbing.

Even their lovely officiant had to turn away.

Mike, you did good raising that young man.

And the reception was incredibly fun!

Some of the characters that stepped into the PhotoBooth:


And did I mention the Grand Passion they share? Playful, respectful and full of love.

Thank you Mike Olson and Jillian Savage. May your lives together be as tremendous as the sunset on your wedding day.

Kim Ongley Burns - Beautiful!

Bryan Van Epps - WOW… Great shots…

Melissa Lapila Hallgren - WOW… simply breathtaking <3.

Deborah Fowler Clark - Wow…..what a great talent you have, not only the photography but the wordage of the captions! Made it all come together….

Marie Papallo Olson - The photos were tremendous. I can’t wait to see all of them. Thanks so much for a fantastic job. It is obvious this is your passion!

Morgan - What a beautiful wedding!

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