Mareike and Nick -- Wedding at Mansion at Bald Hill and Banquet Center

Mareike and Nick -- Wedding at Mansion at Bald Hill and Banquet Center

August 2, 2016

Anatomy of a Romance.

first look by pond

I love this sequence. It started innocently. Nick: "Let's do an old time, American Gothic pose,' Done. But I got to looking at their hands, inches away from each other.

Closer. Closer. Don't Touch yet.

They took it from there.

wedding candle

guys getting ready for wedding

This picture of the girls getting the dress ready had me literally rolling, as it was happening.

Mareike's Mom, holding it up so it could be fluffed and all I could see were her eyes peeking out the top and elbows coming out the sides of the dress.

And I'm glad my Mom didn't see me standing on the bed for the guys. It was all I could do not to start jumping around, monkey style. Somehow I think it would have been ok with these guys.

angel bride with fully dress

The bridal suite at the Mansion at Bald Hill. Stepping back in time, immediately welcoming. I love this room.

dad helping bride with dress

Dad, helping Mareike prepare for the first look, down by a private pond. Solitude, cool winds.

The perfect location.

first look by pond outdoors

dad walking bride into ceremony

This has to be the hardest job a man does.

Does he start preparing the day his daughter is born?

I don't know how they hold it together.

bride and groom at ceremony

This is what I look for all day long. No one else is around. No cameras, no pressure, nothing else matters.

And you give each other looks that are meant only for each other.

big group shot at wedding

The Whole Gang.

wedding party having fun

These guys. I want them to be my best friends, too. You offered help all day, knew what we were going to be doing, intuitively.  Thank you.

Although. After looking through the family formals I came across some out takes.

Milt, and Grandma: I also provide photo lessons at the studio. The first rule is that you don't take pictures of the photographer of her backside!

You both warned me, but I didn't know what you were talking about.


first dances at wedding

Casually traditional was the theme all day. No stress,  few timelines.

8 wedding cakes!

----  8 --- Desserts.  8!

reception fun

Crazy Dancing. Everyone knew how to have a good time with good friends.

bride and groom dancing

Since we got rained out for some romantic images outside, the twinkle lights with the beautiful Banquet Hall beams sufficed nicely.

So many thank you's. Mareike's Dad, all day. Helping me take apart flowers -- and putting them back, lighting the candle and helping me with the rings. My partner.

Ladies: couldn't have done it without you, helping me haul gear from place to place, and always in good spirit.

Nick and Mareike. A lifetime of happiness. No one deserves it more.


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