Matt and Ashley-Wedding and Engagement

Matt and Ashley-Wedding and Engagement

September 27, 2016

Ashley and Matt were married recently at The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm. To say it is a unique venue is an understatement. And it was the perfect location for these two.

I don't know where to start, so I guess it'll be when we first met Matt; I should have known from the beginning it was bound to be a wonderful, quirky ride. At our local photo club where there are very talented amateur photographers, most who specialize in wildlife, BIF, scenic landscapes. Beautiful stuff. I don't attend meetings as often as I like, but enjoy seeing what others 'see'.  On one particular day a couple years ago Norm also happened to attend and we were browsing some of the prints. Both of us stopped dead in our tracks at a smallish black and white abstract print.  Not the usual fare. We couldn't figure out what it was or who made it.  I can't remember if we talked to the 'stranger' or found out afterwards but that image of a accordian Post-It note has remained in my memory. Remarkable since I look at 100s of images a day. And that image still makes me go wow.

And that Christmas Matt brought Ashley up to our club Holiday Party. Ashley and a six pack of homemade brew. That is Matt.

I knew after our engagement session that the wedding would be anything but ordinary. So relaxed with each other, comfortable in everything they do together. Matt and Ashley are horse veterinarians, and own Twin Pines Equine Veterinary Services. If you need care for your horses call them; not only will your horses be well cared for but you'll have 2 new friends.

Enough ramble.

Overlook at Geer Tree Farm Wedding

Family Love. Sisters and Mothers (in law).


Family love Part 2.  Matt's Dad IS his best man.


Concept and execution by Norm Aubin
First Look. and Look. and Look

Ashley can never be overlooked.

The ceremony site. Magical.


Just a gentle touch.

The first hug. IMHO more important than the first kiss. If you want to see that, come on over to facebook.

I'm a Believer.

Doesn't get much better than this. 

A firepit with S'mores.

A choreographed first dance. Part Tango, Part Polka. Enchanting.

With fingers like a ballerina.

Me: (I'm afrad) "Matt, Are you gonna smash"

Matt: "OH NO!"

I should have asked Ashley.

The flowers were not. They were wild plantings. Textured, arranged to perfection. I couldn't stop looking at them. In hanging mason jars all over the ceremony area and as centerpieces. Brilliant artistry.


Diane, contact me for a complimentary 5x7 print.

Even the view up towards the reception area is breath taking. I love Joe Pye Weed.

I really would like to know what this was in Ashley's bouquet. My favorites were the fiddle heads. Only because I can never find them when I go looking for them in the woods.

Breathtaking. Really.

What every well appointed brew master needs. His own brushed aluminum tap.

oh my aching back. Oh their aching.....

A few final minutes with Dad at the end of the day.

The Super Moon. How completely fitting for the most Super of Days.

You guys. Your families and friends. You treat us like best friends. Can never convey the gratitude. The love you have for each other spills over to everyone you meet. It makes me happy just being around you.

Norm. Brilliant. Even more that usual, so lucky to work with you. Thanks is never enough. 



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