Florence and Paul - Wedding at A Villa Louisa, Bolton CT

Florence and Paul - Wedding at A Villa Louisa, Bolton CT

June 18, 2016

creative wedding ring picture

Bride getting ready Flo and Paul

I love to start off the day with the girls, and the guys with my awesome second, Norm. There is always a little sense of anxiety getting the dress ready to be put on, but it always fits! And Dad's first look at his little girl is always so touching. We found a little spot in the back of the hotel for some quick girly images.

The Guys were getting ready at a nearby hotel and had the coolest reception area.

Bride and her girls

guys getting ready for wedding flo and paul

LOVE this one of Florence and her Dad as she's waiting to process.

waiting for brides turn at outdoor wedding

That smile, right there. Reserved for Husbands only.

walking down the outdoor aisle

And the unveiling. That's what I'm talking about when I say it can be one of the most poignant moments of the day.

giving away the bride at ceremony in woods flo and paul

The wooded area in back of A Villa Louisa provides a magic ceremony site.  And Shade!

Flowers for the Moms.

giving parents flowers at wedding

The intensity here was palpable.

Exchanging of the rings at the wedding ceremony

bride and groom dance with uplighting flo and paul

First Dance and Toasts.Wedding toasts by sister and brotherIf there is one good thing that came out of Hurricane Katrina, you're looking at it. Florence's Dad couldn't have been more proud of his baby's accomplishments. And if Paul's Dad ever let's him make a bon fire again I want to be on the invite list.

Wedding toasts by Dads

Acholi dance troupe Sudan

HOW COOL IS THIS!?! An Acholi troupe, performing a  traditional dance from the Sudan. The girls looked to range from mid twenties to 10 or 11 and danced and shook the whole room. They were in complete unison and welcomed friends and family to join in.  This dance was so unique in the rhythms and beat and when every one joined in with a congo line it reminded me of the hora, or a taverna in Greece or a Texas line dance. It actually gave me hope in this crazy world we live in that while each tradition has it's own roots we are all the same. This is good.

Acholi dance troupe

Parent Dances. I can't help but wipe away a tear.

parent dances at wedding flo and paul

Feeding the cake at the weddingGreat catch!

Catching the Bouquet

sunset wedding pictures fl and paul

moon light wedding photos flo and paul

And a couple moments in the night. No better way to end the day.

bridal party on bridge

Thank you again for having us share this most unique celebration! Many many happy years together!


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